How to wash away uric acid

Protein rich foods contain high levels of purines, that when metabolised produce uric acid. Uric acid begins in the bloodstream, is transferred to the kidneys, and is disposed through urine. Symptoms of high uric acid levels include difficulty urinating, fever, chills, kidney stones, and gout (swelling of the joint due to uric acid crystals deposits). Reducing the uric acid levels in your body will decrease the chances of developing gout and other serious medical conditions. Luckily, methods involving fruit, water consumption, and elimination of purine rich foods can help your body wash away uric acid.

Consume one red or green apple after every meal. Be sure to not peel the apple before consuming. An apple's skin is Vitamin C rich and should be eaten as often as possible to maintain metabolism health, which can aide the production of uric acid. Apples contain healthy acids such as galacturonic and malic acids that naturally detoxify the body and eliminate uric acid.

Drink 2 tbsp tart cherry juice per day. Cherries contain flavonoids, chemical compounds that determine a plant's natural pigment, which dissolve large amounts of uric acid in the bloodstream.

Continue to consume red or green apples and tart cherry juice for six weeks for best results.

Consume purine rich foods and beverages in moderation. Purine rich foods include organ meats, poultry, lamb, pork, lima beans, black eye peas, alcoholic beverages, etc. (see resources one). Consume purine rich foods and beverages once weekly to avoid uric acid development.

Substitute purine rich foods with low-fat foods containing little purines. Foods such as plain yoghurt, cottage cheese, cooked rice, and white bread should be incorporated into daily diet for purine rich food substitution.

Drink a minimum of eight 236ml glasses of water daily. Water contains a variety of minerals essential for maintaining a health body. With the ability to flush harmful toxins and bacteria from the body, water should be consumed on a daily basis for the rest of your life.

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