How to Keep Wrinkles Out of Pants While Wearing Them

Getting wrinkles in trousers is a very common problem. It often seems like no matter how well-pressed or ironed your trousers are, it takes only a few hours of wear before they are wrinkled and rumpled. Moving around and sitting down are the main causes of wrinkles and unless you are planning on standing motionless all day, there is a good chance that you are going to wrinkle your trousers. However, there are some preparatory measures you can take to avoid wrinkles along with some behaviours that you can adopt that will allow you to keep wrinkles out of your trousers while you are wearing them.

Ensure that you are wearing the proper size. Trousers that are too baggy have a tendency to bag and bunch, causing rumples and wrinkles to appear. Trousers that are too loose on the other hand, have a tendency to pull and buckle which creates a different sort of wrinkle that will reappear every time you wear them.

Prep trousers before wearing them by ironing them with starch and steam and letting them cool for at least three hours before wearing them.

Invest in a bottle of wrinkle-releasing spray. These products are not as effective as ironing, but hanging your garment, spraying it with the product and then using your hands to remove wrinkles can be very effective. A spray bottle filled with fabric softener has pretty much the same effect and would be far less expensive.

Sit up straight and try to keep your legs as straight as possible. When you are sitting at a desk or table, if space permits, stretch your legs out and keep them outstretched.

Stand as much as possible if you are at a party or other event where sitting is not required. Sitting is mostly responsible for pant creases in the legs and the seat. If you are able to stand, you will minimise the opportunities for your trousers to wrinkle.

Avoid crossing your legs as this creates wrinkles which will be difficult to smooth out, especially if you are maintaining a cross-legged pose.

Purchase trousers made of wrinkle-resistant fabric so that you will be less likely to develop wrinkles in the trousers as you wear them. Clothes made of wrinkle resistant fabric are available in a wide variety of colours, styles and cuts and can be found in both formal and informal styles.

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