How to Make Your Own Golf Practice Mat

Making a golf practice mat can be cheaper than purchasing one at a golf retailer. It is also helpful because you can customise it to your preferences by adding more or less padding for a different feel at impact. Adding graphics or colours to the mat is completely up to you as well.

Cut the plywood using the hand saw in a shape that allows enough room for you to stand on and hit balls. A 3 by 5-foot rectangle works best, but squares, circles, or any other shape will work too.

Cut the carpet padding and artificial turf using the utility knife in the same shape as the plywood so that both the padding and turf will cover the plywood completely. It is best to cut the padding and turf with a piece of wood underneath so that the knife does not cut the floor.

Apply the adhesive spray to one side of the plywood and place the carpet padding on top to glue them together. If a softer feeling is desired when hitting golf balls, add another layer of carpet padding.

Apply the adhesive to the top of the carpet padding and place the artificial turf on top of it. Make sure to stretch out the artificial turf so that there are no ridges or loose spots that could catch on the golf club.

Allow at least 24 hours for the glue to dry.

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