How to Clear Condensation on Patio Windows

Condensation is water vapour that changes back to liquid form on the interior surface of a glass window pane. This is a common occurrence during the winter months when it is cold outside and the humidity level inside the home is high. Clearing condensation from a patio window is a simple task, given the right tools. To prevent the occurrence of window condensation, decrease the level of humidity in the home. Otherwise, it is likely that condensation will continue to accumulate on the glass surface.

Place a large bath towel on the floor next to the patio window. As the condensation is cleared from the window, the towel will prevent the water from getting the floor wet.

Line the blade of a window squeegee up with the top edge of the glass window pane, beginning either on the left side or the right side of the window.

Drag the squeegee down the full length of the window pane in one single motion, from top to bottom.

Repeat this motion across the window pane until all of the condensation is removed. Wipe the water from the squeegee blade with a hand towel in between motions.

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