How to Design a Chill Out Room

Designing a chill out room in your home is a great way to create a space to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day. It can also be a great place to entertain friends, listen to music or just retreat to for some much-needed alone time.

Everyone's idea of a perfect chill out room is different, but some concepts are universal. The colours should be calm and soothing, the furniture comfortable and the lighting relaxing. It is a good idea to peruse interior design magazines, catalogues and websites devoted to decorating to get some inspiration for the kind of space you want to create.

Select a paint colour for your walls. The colour of your chill out room will be the most dominant feature in the space, so selecting the right colour is crucial. Generally speaking, colours in the blue family are the most soothing and conducive to relaxation. The blue colour can be a light blue, a pastel or something in the grey family. If you are having trouble deciding, it is a good idea to visit a local hardware store and explore paint samples until you find one that suits you.

Select curtains for your windows. Curtains in a soft white or cream colour can help create a sense of warmth and coziness. Whether you choose opaque or sheer curtains depends on how much sunlight you want in your space.

Decide on the type of rug you want if you have a hardwood or tiled floor. An area rug can add warmth and comfort to your chill out room and allow you to sit on the floor and relax if you want to. A rug with a pattern can be a nice way to add some visual interest to your room if your walls and curtains are very basic.

Plan to bring comfortable furniture into your chill out room. Chairs, couches and tables that are low to the ground create the most relaxing atmosphere. Search through catalogues to get an idea of the kind of furniture you would like, or repurpose it from another area of your house.

Choose some art or imagery for your walls. Black and white photographs, basic drawings or one large poster are all good ideas for a chill out space. Too much imagery on the walls can be jarring to the senses so it is a good idea to select only a few images that promote relaxation and quiet thoughts.

Bring music into your chill out room. Music can be very relaxing, and having a stereo or an MP3 player with speakers is a great way to enjoy your favourite music.

Select lamps or other lights. Overhead lighting can be too bright and "office-y" so it's a good idea to try to place lamps around the room in order to create a nice warm glow in your space.