How to Make Pierced Paper Lace

Making pierced paper lace is a fun yet relaxing activity. To make a pierced paper lace design, the paper is placed on a padded surface then punched with a needle or an awl in order to create a relief texture. The use of different sized needles and the ability to punch from both sides of the paper creates smooth and raised textures. And don't let the name fool you, the paper punch technique lends itself to a variety of designs. You can pierce paper lace monograms, flowers or borders. You can personalize stationary, create greeting cards, note cards or placemats. With a little practice, you can even create pierced paper lace works of art that can be mounted, framed and placed on your wall. If you are ready to learn an activity that is creative, fun and sure to bring hours of pleasure, then follow these steps to make pierced paper lace.

Select a design. Choose a design that is simple and has a heavy outline.

Select a paper. Use a paper that is smooth and somewhat stiff.

Trace the design on the tracing paper. Use a very light pencil to trace the design. Try to trace as accurately as possible.

Retrace the design with a black felt tip pen. Retracing the design will make the design much easier to follow when you start to punch with a needle.

Complete a test piece on scrap paper. Punch holes from the front of the design to create smooth holes. Punch holes from the reverse to create a raised holes. Practice making a row of punched holes that are evenly spaced.

Consider which part of the design is to have smooth holes or raised holes.

Secure the smooth paper with tape. Then place the tracing paper over the design. Make sure the design is right side up.

Pierce holes along the outline. Apply light and even pressure to the needle as you punch.

Punch the reverse side to create raised holes. Remove the tracing paper then the smooth paper. Turn the smooth paper over. Affix the smooth paper with tape. Place the tracing paper over the smooth paper. Try to align the tracing paper with the existing holes as much as possible. Then attach the tracing paper with tape.

Start punching holes to continue the design. You can work in a new area of the design. You can also punch parallel lines that mimic the smooth holes, thereby duplicating the design.

Continue punching holes to finish the pierced paper lace piece.

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