How to get rid of white pimples on tongue

White pimples on the tongue come from a variety of causes. Taste buds that become inflamed, certain diseases such as diabetes, and canker sores or trauma to the tongue may all result in white bumps or pimples on the tongue. Treatment options are available to soothe the pain and get rid of white bumps.

Gargle with a medicated mouthwash two or three times a day. Medicated mouthwash contains ingredients to kill the bacteria that may form white pimples on the tongue.

Mix half and half of water and hydrogen peroxide. Dip a cotton swab into the mixture and apply to the white pimple. Do this three or four times a day to aid in healing.

Take milk of magnesia and dab it on a cotton swab. Apply to white pimples on the tongue three or four times a day. This helps relieve pain from the sore.

Apply over-the-counter numbing agents to the pimple, which may aid in pain relief.