How to Hang Pants So They Don't Get Hanger Marks

Having to iron your trousers every time you remove them from the closet can be a major time monopoliser, especially when you are pressed for time. Instead of ironing out the hanger marks, prevent them in the first place by using the right hangers. Two different types of hangers are used for trousers. Both, when used properly, let you hang trousers so they don't get hanger marks, regardless of the trousers material.

Choose a clamp hanger that has fabric-lined clamps, which are less likely to cause hanger marks on your trousers cuffs.

Open the mouth of the clamp so you have a space to put the trousers in. Lay the hanger down on a flat surface.

Press the trousers so they are ready to wear once removed from the hanger. Turn them upside down so the cuffs are at the top.

Lay the cuffs into the opening of the clamp hanger. Smooth them down so the crease won't be marred by the hanger. Clamp the hanger down to secure them.

Hang the trousers in a roomy closet. Try not to overstuff your closet, as that will cause your clothes to wrinkle even more.

Chose a bar hanger with a thick bar across the bottom. Avoid wire hangers for trousers; the thin bar will likely cause hanger marks on trousers.

Fold a tea or face towel in half and slip it over the bar so that it hangs slightly on each side. It should create a padded surface for the trousers.

Lay the trousers out flat and then thread them over the bar so the top and bottom half hang equally on either side of the bar.

Adjust the tea towel so it spans the entire area where the trousers are touching the bar. The padding from the tea towel will protect your trousers from getting hanger marks.

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