How to Join Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic plastic, also knows as Plexiglas, is virtually ubiquitous in today's construction and manufacturing world. Used for everything from protective barriers to the sides of fish tanks, this hardy and durable material can certainly take a beating. Impact resistant (and, made the right way, even shatterproof) and weighing about half as much as glass, acrylic plastic has made life easier in numerous ways. Knowing how to properly join these acrylic sheets can guarantee the sturdiness of your next construction project.

Line up the acrylic sheets in the formation you want them. Hold them together in place using masking tape or a clamp; make sure they are tightly secured, so that you have the correct joint.

Squeeze acrylic cement into the joint, along the whole length of the joint. For a flat surface, apply to both sides of the joint; for a horizontal joint (like the corner of a box), apply only on the inside. The glue will naturally seep into the joint to form a tight bond.

Allow the glue to dry completely for the strongest bond. Drying can take between 24 and 48 hours, depending on your cement.

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