How to Clean a Black Composite Sink

Composite is a popular material choice for sinks, typically made of a blend of stone and resin. The sinks often come in dark colour options such as dark grey, or black. Black sinks have become popular over the years, as they are easy to maintain, and create a rich, stylish environment in a kitchen area. Cleaning the black composite sink is an easy task. While many retail sink cleaning products are available, they either do not work well on composite, or leave film or streaks when dry. Mixing a simple solution right at home will work perfectly for this cleaning task.

Plug the sink, and fill with an inch of hot water.

Pour three drops of liquid dish soap into the sink, which will clean the sink without leaving a film or residue behind.

Dip a nylon brush into the solution, then scrub the sink. The nylon will safely clean without scratching, yet be strong enough to scrub away food and debris.

Rinse the sink with hot water, then dry with a clean towel. This will prevent water spots from forming, which is common in black sinks.

Soak the tip of a cloth in white vinegar, then rub over water spots or mineral deposits that are not easily washed away with the dish soap solution.

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