How to fit an ironing board cover

Ironing board frames are usually some form of metal or wood. This means they need a proper covering before you can use them for ironing your clothes or sewing-craft projects. An ironing board must also have some kind of padding to protect not only the frame of the ironing board, but also your fabrics. Covering your ironing board properly helps to eliminate ruined clothing. Make sure your ironing board cover fits well to maximise and simplify the chore of ironing. You can sew your own ironing board cover, but store-bought ones work if you fit them to your board correctly.

Measure your ironing board. Write down all of the measurements. Make sure to measure the length, the widest part, the narrowest part and the depth of the ironing board.

Take the measurements to the store with you. Purchase an ironing board cover that is a little bit larger than your board's measurements. Make sure to purchase a cover that has the foam sewn into it, or buy the foam piece as well.

Place the foam cover over the top of the ironing board first and lightly pull the edges over the sides, if you bought a separate foam piece.

Set the cover on top of the ironing board and the foam with the wide and narrow sides of the cover and the board matching up.

Pull the edges of the cover over the edges of the ironing board. Make sure all the corners line up properly. Be careful not to let the foam get bunched up underneath the fabric cover. Pull the foam gently from time to time to eliminate any bumps.

Tighten the gathering cords in the ends of the cover to pull the cover snugly over the top of the ironing board frame.

Arrange the cover as you pull the gathering cords, to keep the corners in their proper place.

Tie the ends of the cords together to hold the ironing board cover in place. Make sure to tie the cords tightly and as close to the ironing board as possible to help keep the cover in place while you are ironing.

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