How to Succeed at Selling Arbonne

Arbonne is a Swiss company that specialises in skincare, cosmetics and nutritional supplements. Their products are botanically based. They are a member in good standing of the Direct Selling Association, which is the national trade association for direct sales companies. Arbonne can be a good way to make a part-time or, for the very dedicated, a full-time income from home. In order to succeed at selling Arbonne, follow these steps.

Research your area. Determine if you believe your community in need of more or better skincare. Members of your community should be fans of natural and botanically-based products.

Decide if you know enough people who you believe would be interested in such products to get started. Places to meet people include are church, work, your neighbourhood, and any other social organisation you're a part of. Businesses like Arbonne work best if you know people who like to have home parties. The home party environment is usually the best way to sell cosmetics, since people like to try before they buy.

Scope out your competition. Research to see if there are any other Arbonne representatives in your area. Before signing up, get a firm number from your local Arbonne sales director.

Purchase your Arbonne consultant kit. The kit is £70. You'll get samples, books and the instructions to help you start your business.

Order and pass out business cards. Let all your friends and associates know that you've started a business and ask them to host a home party to help you get started. A good foundation will help you expand your business.

Book at least two parties at each of these parties to give yourself a firm selling foundation. It may help to inform the guests at these parties that you're just starting out and bookings are very important to your business, but don't be pushy. Remember, you want these people to want you in their homes. Make parties fun and educational for those who attend.

Attend sales meetings. If Arbonne has an established presence in your area, there will be regular sales meetings conducted by the Arbonne sales director, which will motivate you and give you further Arbonne sales training.

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