How to Replace Lost Remote Key Opener for Ford Ranger

Typically remotes are lost because the plastic casing breaks ans as a must-have feature for many Ford Ranger owners, replacing the remote requires little more than the cost to purchase a new remote from the dealer and the time it takes to reprogram the remotes to the vehicle. The process for replacing Ford Ranger remotes is simple to accomplish once the remotes have been obtained and can be easily done by any individual. The time to replace a remote is measured in minutes and must be done with all remotes at one time. This ensures that existing keyless entry remotes are not rendered inoperable as all remotes operate off of the same programming codes.

Purchase a new remote control that works with your Ford Ranger's model year.

Unlock all doors on the Ranger.

Place the key in the ignition and turn the ignition switch from the off to the on position eight times in rapid succession without starting the vehicle. On the eighth turn to the on position, the locks will cycle through the lock/unlock phase. Leave the key in the on position.

Depress the lock or unlock button on the new keyless remote. Do the same with each additional remote that goes with the Ford Ranger.

Turn the ignition switch of the vehicle to the off position and press the lock or unlock button on each remote to verify the remotes are programmed. If all remotes have been programmed, each remote will activate the door locks. If all the remotes do not activate the door locks, repeat the process.

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