How to Care for Verbascum

Verbascum is a type of plant that grows very tall and is very hardy in almost any type of weather. It is a good plant for the beginning gardener since it does not need a lot of attention. It can grow several feet tall and it reseeds itself while producing a big quantity of flowers in different colours. Sometimes it is called Great Mullein, and is thought to keep away evil spirits in certain countries. The flowers can also be used as tea or to make fabric dyes.

Find a sunny area in your garden to plant your verbascum seeds or seedlings. It requires a lot of sun to grow tall and strong. Choose a well-drained area in the garden that will not overwhelm your plant with water.

Plan out how you want your garden to look. Verbascum can tower over smaller plants and crowd each other out.

Plant the seeds in the spring and make sure there are no stones around the plant which might make it grow crooked. Put the seeds or seedlings about 6 inches or so into the ground. Keep all the seeds about 3 feet apart from each other, or they will crowd each other and compete for nutrients.

Water your seed or seedling, always keeping the soil damp but not wet. Add some fertiliser to the water each time and allow the plant to grow naturally in the sunlight.

Prune the flowers when they bloom to let the plant reach its full potential, or allow the flowers to drop seeds on the ground and grow new plants.

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