How to know if your boss has a crush on you

Trying to determine whether a person is interested in you romantically or has a crush on you is challenging in many situations. Making this determination is even more complicated in a work environment. The complexities multiply when you want to know if your boss has a crush on you. There are a variety of signs that suggest your boss has a crush on you. While these signs in and of themselves may not be absolute proof of your boss's feelings for you, taken together they may represent a romantic interest on the part of your boss.

Pay attention to the manner in which your boss communicates and addresses you. Contrast his style of communication with you against the way he addresses your co-workers. Oftentimes when an employer or boss has feelings for an employee beyond those of a professional nature they exhibit in the manner in which the boss communicates with the targeted worker.

Consider whether or not your boss provides you with more leeway than your co-workers. For example, if you are late for work, does your boss readily excuse this fact or not even bother to raise it as an issue?

Analyse your job evaluations. You may consider yourself a good employee. You may undertake your job tasks diligently and appropriately. However, do you find your job evaluations to be overly positive.

Monitor the frequency your boss engages you in seemingly idle chat unrelated to the office. Casual conversation may be just that--friendly banter. However, in some instances it is a sign of a boss who has an interest in you that transcends the work environment.

Pay attention to invitations from your boss. Many professional colleagues enjoy lunch together on a regular basis. If you find that your boss is inviting you to lunch (or to other social events outside the workday) this tends to be a sign that your boss's interest in you transcends the working environment.

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