How to lay garden tiles

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Hand-laid garden tiles offer an easy, yet attractive, means of forming a walkway or rustic patio area in your garden. Laying your own tiles requires little more than a few pavers, some imagination and your bare hands. When using precut garden tiles, the work is simple, opening the door to a host of creative options that let you customise your path or patio exactly how you want.

Garden tiles can be laid easily for an improved garden look

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Establish a layout for your garden path or patio, and mark the shape with string.

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Approximate the surface area the tiles will cover by measuring the overall width and length between your string markers. Purchase the appropriate amounts of garden paving tiles.

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Dig the foundation for the tiles at least 1 inch into the earth. A square-edged shovel works well for creating level planes. Remove any protruding roots, rocks or other debris. If your path or patio sits on a slope, create several flat terraces rather than an incline. This prevents your tiles from slipping over time.

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Lay your landscaping plastic over the foundation site. This prevents weeds and grasses from growing up between your tiles.

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Cover the plastic with 1 inch of crushed gravel or sand for drainage and stability; rake the gravel or sand level.

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Place the garden tiles on the foundation bed approximately 2 inches apart. Walk over the tiles as you lay them to ensure that they settle, and check often to make sure the tiles are level.

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Fill the gaps between the tiles with gravel, and sweep your finished path or patio area clean.

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