How to Color Concrete Statues

Concrete statues can make any art collection or home landscape very eloquent. Many different styles of concrete or plaster statues have been used for yard decorations such as cherubs, angels, garden gnomes, and animal replicas.

Having a grey stone coloured statue is nice but quite boring without a splash of colour to liven them up. Colouring or staining these statues may seem like a daunting process, however it can be accomplished without making a mess and with spending only a little money on the proper tools. Painting concrete is a temporary solution, though over time, this paint will weather and chip. Staining concrete is much more effective and longer lasting, and with a few simple instructions anybody can add colour to their concrete statues.

Select the colour pigment or tint that you desire for your concrete statue. Ensure that the concrete statue has completely cured before adding a pigment.

Apply a light coat of concrete stain to the entire area of the statue using a brush or a designated tool per the manufacturers instructions. Ensure that the first coat covers the entire area and allow to dry.

Apply a second coat of concrete stain, this time adding on a much thicker coating for deep and rich colour or tint. Ensure that the statue is upright so that any dripping does not blemish the statue.

Wipe off any excess or dripping stain with a soft rag, and allow the statue to dry thoroughly for two days. Keep the statue in an area where the humidity is low for faster drying.

Coat the statue once more with a protective concrete sealant to seal in the colour. This will allow longer life and deter fading of the colour.