How to Get Rid of Lip Lines

There are many reasons why lips lines appear, loss of collagen, repeated movement of the mouth, smoking, genes and poor health care of lips. To rid yourself of lip lines there are a variety of things you can do at home or if you choose you can go with laser, dermabrasion, a dermal filler or a chemical peel treatment.

Take a clean dry toothbrush and a small amount of vaseline and brush over lips gently for a few seconds. This removes dry patches.

Condition your lips with a good lip balm. Use one that has beeswax or glycerine and antioxidants like vitamins C and E in it. Make sure that it is moisturising and is not made with any petroleum products which dry your lips out.

Wear lipsticks that are moisturising and made with organic and natural ingredients. Stay away from matt colours that are very drying to the lips.

Treat the first signs of ageing and lines with a good lip care product with Retinol in it or a prescription for Rentin-A. Also products with L-Argenine, palmitate or hyaluronic acid all have the effect of plumping up lips. Go to a good dermatologist and inject your lips with a dermal filler, or use dermabrasion, laser or a chemical peel to eliminate lines.

Keep your lips out of direct sunlight as your lips do not have a lot of melanin in them and are prone to sunburn. Develop good habits and don't smoke or lick your lips as it can redden them and cause them to become chapped. Avoid biting your lips as it can damage the only protective layer of skin they have.

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