How to Refill a Perfume Atomizer

A perfume atomiser is a refillable spray device consisting of a cap, removable top, sprayer and bottle. Atomisers are available in many styles and sizes. You can choose a glass or metal item or a combination of the two. Smaller atomisers are convenient for carrying in a purse or on trips when you do not want to carry your regular-sized fragrance bottle with you. You also can have several atomisers if you like to diversify your perfume selection.

Stand or sit in an area where it does not matter if you spill a bit of perfume. Place some paper towelling underneath your work space.

Pull off the atomiser cap and unscrew the top of the bottle, which includes the spray apparatus. Depending on the style, you may need to first unscrew a barrel enclosing an interior cylinder.

Place the small funnel into the bottle opening. If you have a non-spray bottle of fragrance, pour it directly into the bottle. Otherwise, hold your spray bottle close to the funnel opening and spray perfume into the funnel.

Put the atomiser back together and place the cap on top.

Purchase a new type of perfume atomiser that has a pump-action refilling method, so you can fill your atomiser quickly without using a funnel and risking spills. To use this product, remove the head of the spray apparatus from your regular perfume bottle and place the atomiser over the thin tube that goes into the bottle to refill.

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