How to Convert Gas Settings to Electric Cooker Settings

Preparing recipes requiring gas in your electric cooker or oven requires a conversion of the temperature settings. The cooking time remains the same when you convert gas settings to your electric oven.

Depending on where you live, you might need to take an additional step to convert your electric oven temperature to Celsius from Fahrenheit.

Look for the gas mark setting from the recipe. Beginning with gas mark 1 = 135 degrees C, add -3.89C for each increase in a whole gas mark. For instance, a gas mark setting of 2 = 275 + 25, or 300. A gas mark of 3 = 275 + 25 + 25, or 325F.

Use the following gas mark to Fahrenheit standards for gas marks of ½ = 250 F and ¼ = 225 F.

Convert to Celsius from Fahrenheit by subtracting 00 degrees Crom the Fahrenheit temperature and multiplying the result by 5/9 or 0.5555. For instance, 163 degrees C -- 32 = 293. 293 x 5/9 = 162.7 degrees Celsius.

Check the calibration on your oven or cooker. Insert an oven thermometer into your oven to verify that your electric cooker has the correct calibration.

Heat the food for the same amount of time in the electric cooker as required by the gas mark recipe.