How to tighten loose skin on the eyelids

Eyes are often the focal point on a person's face. The skin that surrounds the eye is thinner than the skin of other parts of the face. Thus, signs of ageing often occur first in that area. How your eyes age is determined by genetics as well as environmental and lifestyle factors.

There are both at-home remedies as well as surgical solutions to tighten loose skin on the eyelids.

Incorporate facial exercises into your routine. Cynthia Rowland, an expert in facial exercise, says you only need to exercise your face for a few minutes a day to get results within three to four weeks. Avoid doing any facial exercises that involve scrunching your face in any way. It's best to discuss the proper way to do facial exercises with a health care professional or aesthetician. If the exercises are done incorrectly, you can contribute to ageing your face.

Consider tightening loose skin on the eyelids using Botox. Many people who do not want to have surgery instead opt for strategically placed Botox injections. This treatment can lift heavy eyebrows, thereby tightening the loose skin on the eyelids.

Get Thermage treatments. These non-laser treatments use radio frequency to tighten loose skin. They use heat to build up collagen and immediately tighten loose skin. In addition, the treatments allow collagen to strengthen over time. The only side effects are possible redness, swelling and blistering in the area. The initial treatments are done over the course of three to four months. After that, there is periodic maintenance.

Consult with a plastic surgeon about blepharoplasty surgery. This is one of the only ways to ensure significant results. It is an eyelid surgery that removes loose and excess skin from the eyelids. In the days following the surgery, there is swelling and bruising. As with any surgery, there are always possible risks and complications; these include reduced vision, dry eye syndrome, bleeding, and abnormal scarring. Recovery from blepharoplasty can take upwards of one to two months. It can take up to six months for the scars to completely fade.