How to get mold off of an electric toothbrush

Mold grows in wet, warm places, like bathrooms. Electric toothbrushes can begin to grow mould if they are left alone. Vinegar effectively kills the mould without being toxic to humans. To prevent mould from growing, dry off the brush after each use.

If the toothbrush has a rubber grip, too much mould can break it apart or break it down. Mold spreads if left unattended. Mold is green, brown, yellow or red in colour, and gives off a musty odour.

Unplug the toothbrush or charger.

Rinse the toothbrush with warm water.

If possible, remove the bristle part. If mould is on any part that goes into your mouth, throw it away. Mold can make you sick.

Spray the handle with vinegar and wipe clean with a paper towel. Throw out the paper towel. Rinse off and dry.

Attach a new bristle.

If there is a base or charging station, spray it down with vinegar and wipe down. Dry.