How to Decoupage Using Ink Jet Paper

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Découpage is a great way to decorate just about any surface with different types of paper. With the popular use of ink jet printers, many people are using printed designs or pictures to découpage.

The challenge of using ink jet printouts is that the ink jet paper is thin and the ink will run easily as the mod podge bleeds through the paper. There is a method to prevent this from happening.

Coat the ink jet printout with a light covering of PVA glue, using a paint brush. Be sure the coating is not too thick so it will dry clear and without streaks. Allow the glue to dry entirely before continuing.

Cut the design or picture out of the sealed paper. Make sure to use metal scissors since the dried glue will put up some resistance to cutting.

Apply the mod podge to the back of the printout design or picture. Use a brush to apply the mod podge and make sure to get even coverage on the paper so it will all stick evenly to the surface you are attaching the paper to.

Allow plenty of time for the mod podge to dry. After the mod podge is completely dry, apply at least one coat of lacquer to the top to protect the paper further from water damage or other elements. Allow the lacquer to dry completely.