How to Paint Plastic So it Looks Like Leather

Until recently, it was difficult to spray paint plastic. Water-based paints merely ran off the surface, and oil-based paints dissolved the plastic. But as new chemical compositions appeared, a wealth of paints have sprang up specifically made to paint plastics. Along with these new formulas came new textures as well. These textured paints allow the average user to spray a plastic surface, and turn it into a non-plastic looking item, which even includes making plastic look like leather.

Use a rag, and wipe off the item to be sprayed. Remove all dust, dirt and grime.

Shake the paint can per the manufacturer's directions.

Put your paper face mask on to keep from inhaling paint as you spray.

Hold the can roughly 12 inches away from the surface.

Apply a thin coat of paint by constantly keeping your hand moving as you spary. Once the area is covered, allow it to dry.

When the paint has dried, assess how it looks. If there are missed spots or the texturing isn't complete, apply another coat.

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