Can I Download Music to My Kindle?

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The Amazon Kindle offers a number of options to its owners, ranging from electronic reading to Internet browsing.

Later versions of the Kindle, beginning with the second generation and including all succeeding generations, also include the ability to download music files in the MP3 format from a personal computer to the Kindle device.

USB Cable Connection

Music download on the Kindle requires the USB cable cord that was provided with the Kindle purchase. Insert the USB cord into the USB slot on the bottom of the Kindle, next to the headphone jack on the Kindle 3, and into a USB port on a computer.

Computer Drive Location

With the Kindle connected to the computer, it's necessary to browse the computer drive dedicated to the Kindle device. Click the Windows orb or "Start" menu and then click "Computer" on the right. Find the Kindle drive and double-click it to open it. Open the "Music" folder within the Kindle folder.

Music File Type

As of March 2011, the Kindle can transfer and play only one type of file, the MP3 file. The contents of the file can range from music to podcasts.

Copying Music Files

To copy MP3 music files, click on individual songs, holding the mouse button down, and drag each song to the Kindle "Music" folder. This transfers a copy of the music into your Kindle file and keeps the song in its original location.

Playing Music

To play the music on the Kindle, click the "Menu" button while on the home screen. Select the "Experimental" menu option, followed by "Play Music." The songs will play in the order they were downloaded. Once the music has started, you can use the Kindle to read, with the music as background. Click "Home" to return to the home screen and select reading material. Click "ALT" and the space bar simultaneously to start or stop the music. Click the "ALT" and "F" keys to advance to the next music track.