How to Remove Stocks App on the iPhone

The iPhone is a portable device that acts as a phone, PDA and iPod. The iPhone is developed by Apple, so it is compatible with most of the Apple software. The iPhone syncs with Apple's iTunes software. The iTunes software acts as the control panel for Apple's products.

When the iPhone is connected to the computer's USB port, the iTunes software automatically opens and the iPhone is shown in the software's list of devices. It's within this application that an iPhone app can be permanently removed.

Connect the iPhone to your computer that has iTunes installed. When you connect the iPhone, the computer takes a few minutes to register the connection and open iTunes. The iPhone also syncs with iTunes, so all applications, songs and settings are shown.

View the left side of the iTunes window and locate the list of applications. Locate the stock app you wish to remove. Right-click the icon and select "Delete." Click the "Remove" button on the confirmation screen.

Select "Move to Trash" when you are prompted to permanently remove the application. Once you click this button, the icon is removed from your list. The iPhone syncs with iTunes and the application is removed from the phone as well.

Right-click the iPhone icon on the left side of iTunes. Select the "Eject" menu option. This will safely disconnect the iPhone from the computer.

Remove the USB connector from the computer. View the iPhone and the application should no longer be listed on the iPhone home screen.