How to Remove Skin Tags From Eyelids

Skin tags frequently develop on eyelids, where the small bits of skin can interfere with vision, the ability or close or open eyes easily, and general eye health. Unlike skin tags on the body, which can be removed at home (in some cases) or by a dermatologist, skin tags on the eyelids and in the eye area should be removed by an ophthalmologist because of their close proximity to the delicate tissues of the eye.

Ask your general physician, dermatologist, or eye care professional to recommend an ophthalmologist with experience in removing skin tags and make an appointment with him or her.

Check with your insurance company as to whether it will cover the removal of your skin tags and whether you need to file any kind of paperwork before you have the procedure done.

Prepare for the procedure at the doctor's office. First, the area around your eye will be numbed using a local anesthetic. Then the doctor will use either a laser, scalpel, or freezing tool to cut the tags away from your eyelids and cauterise or seal the wound. The area will be treated with a small amount of antibacterial solution, and you will be given instructions for washing and applying any necessary healing ointments to the area.

Arrange for a friend to drive you home after the skin tags are removed. You may have trouble seeing or have a local anesthetic remaining around your eyes after the procedure.

Follow all of your doctor's instructions for care and report any problems you have during the healing process right away.

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