How to Take Out a MR16 Mini Halogen Bulb?

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The MR16 mini halogen light bulb is a bi-pin light bulb. This bulb is used for recessed lighting, and in place of standard incandescent light bulbs in residential and commercial use.

Halogen bulbs can last up to two times longer than a non-halogen bulb due to its tungsten filament and the halogen interaction within the bulb. However, the bulb will eventually burn out and need to be replaced. To replace the bulb, it's important to know the proper way to remove the it from the socket.

Turn the light fixture off by switching the power to "Off."

Allow the bulb to cool for five to ten minutes. Halogen bulbs become very hot when in use, so allowing it to cool will prevent potential burns.

Grasp the bulb by the base. Do not grasp the glass, as you could accidentally break it, resulting in injury. Pull the bulb straight out of the socket. The bulb is equipped with two prongs instead of a spiral socket, so be sure not to twist the bulb, as this will cause it to break or shatter. It will disengage and come out with little force.