How to Paint Tire White Walls

Wide whitewall tires were all the rage on many cars in the '60s and '70s. Though they are hard to find new, those wide whitewalls can be re-created by painting newer tires. The process is pretty simple and can be completed in a few hours to bring that retro look to you car. Whitewall tire paint that can be brushed or sprayed on is available from many different sources that specialise in reproduction parts and accessories, including online retailers.

Clean the sidewalls of the tires with an oil- and grease-free tire cleaner. There are many tire cleaners on the market. Ask your local auto parts store for a recommendation if you don't already have a favourite.

Decide what size whitewall you want on your tires. A 6-inch whitewall brings back the styling of those early tires that were prominent in the '60s and will provide that true retro look.

Tape around the area that you will be painting to mask areas that should not be painted. If you are going to use a spray-on product, mask the entire wheel and tread of the tire to avoid unsightly overspray.

Apply the paint in smooth, thin coats to the entire surface of the sidewall. Allow each coat of paint to dry for 24 hours before applying additional paint to the tire. Continue to apply as many coats as you need to achieve just the look you want.

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