How to Unstick Gauze

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Gauze is used to wick moisture away from wounds and aid the healing process. Gauze keeps your wound from closing prematurely as the wound heals underneath the cut. This results in scabbing of the affected area. An unfortunate downside to using gauze is that it can adhere to the healing skin. Removing gauze takes patience, as forceful removal can reopen your wound and slow down the healing process.

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Remove hand jewellery and apply soap and water to your hands. Wash your hands and under your nails, advises the U.S. National Library of Medicine. This reduces the chances of introducing bacteria into your wound.

Wet the gauze with water, advises the U.S. National Library of Medicine. You can soak the gauze under water. Alternatively, you can soak a hand towel with water and apply it to the gauze until you can easily remove it without difficulty.

Gently peel the gauze in the direction of hair growth, not away from it. Pulling away from the direction of hair growth can peel away any scabbing.

Place your old gauze into a plastic bag and dispose of the bag in your trash. Wash your hands after the gauze removal.

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