How to Exercise on a Power Plate Machine

A Power Plate is a vibrating piece of workout equipment that you stand on while performing various exercises. The company that developed the Power Plate calls this type of exercise "Acceleration Training," which is a trademarked term. Acceleration Training claims to improve muscle strength and bone density by using the body's natural response to vibration. While these claims may or may not be true, introducing a Power Plate into your exercise program can provide a welcome change of pace and prevent workout boredom.

Turn the Power Plate on and select Low intensity or High intensity. Beginners should start with low intensity and gradually work up to high intensity.

Warm up by stretching on the Power Plate. Lie down with the back of your calves on the power plate and an aerobic step or cushions to support the upper half of your body. Turn over and place the front of your thighs on the machine to warm up your hamstrings and quadriceps. You may also perform stretches with one leg extending off the Power Plate and one leg on the Power Plate.

Perform squats, lunges, dips and push-ups on the Power Plate as part of your workout. Only perform exercises you are familiar with and can perform correctly without the use of the Power Plate to avoid injuries.

Cool down in the same way you warmed up. Stretch on the Power Plate and allow the vibrations to massage your muscles.

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