How to Stop My Carpet Mats From Moving on the Carpets

Carpet mats can save your carpet from wear and tear as well as protect it from staining. But if the carpet mats do not stay in one place, it can be hazardous. Carpet mats that slip when you step on them can lead to dangerous falls, which can result in serious injury.

Several products are on the market that can stop carpet mats from moving when they are placed over carpeting. Most of them are easy to apply and just as easy to remove when they are no longer needed.

Place a releasable adhesive mesh underneath the carpet mat. Place the adhesive mesh around the under perimeter of the carpet mat, and easily remove it when you no longer need it. The releasable adhesive mesh is sold in rolls, which can be cut to fit the dimensions of the carpet mats.

Try placing a non-slip rug pad underneath the carpet mat. The rug pads are two-sided. One side is for use on hard floors, and you can flip it over to use on carpet. The non-slip rug pads are sold in several shapes including round, square and rectangular for runners. But you can also cut them to meet the size requirements of the carpet mat.

Apply an antiskid rug spray to the bottom of the carpet mat. Anti-skid sprays place a synthetic rubber coating between the carpet mat and the carpet below. The antiskid material is machine washable, flexible and will not yellow.

Stick industrial strength Velcro to the bottom of the carpet mat. Industrial strength Velcro is sold in rolls which can be cut to whatever lengths you need. Stick the Velcro to the bottom of the carpet mat and to the carpet. The hook and loop interlocking system of the Velcro keeps the carpet mat resting snugly against the carpet.

Attach double-sided tape to the bottom of the carpet mat. Double-sided tape is manufactured in different strengths. Heavy-duty strength double-sided tape can keep the carpet mat in place and prevent it from moving on top of carpeting.