How to Cure Pinworms Without Medicine

Ranging from tiny amoebas to big parasites, parasitic worms can be detected both by the naked eyes and by microscopes. Pinworm (enterobius vermicularis) is the common worm found in infections affecting kids. Symptoms of the presence of this worm include itching in the anal regions, digestive issues, insomnia and nervousness. Pinworms ingested in some form get excreted out of the body through the anal opening. These worms lay eggs in the outer environment that can be carried to any other individual on contact.

Buy tea tree oil from a grocery store. When purchasing tea tree oil remember to check the date of manufacture stated on the outer cover of the bottle. Avoid an older sample of the product, as age can reduce its effectiveness.

Crush three to four cloves of garlic. Though this recipe is recommended for external topical application, cloves of garlic can also be eaten daily to kill the eggs of pinworms laid in the upper region of colon.

Mix the tea tree oil with crushed cloves of garlic and add some vaseline.

Apply the mixture to the affected region of the anal canal. Though the mix may produce a slight burning sensation, it is effective in killing the pinworm eggs and relieving the itch.

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