How to Change a Hyundai Fuel Filter

Replacing your fuel filter is an essential piece of maintenance that is often overlooked. The fuel filter is the second line of defence in maintaining clean fuel lines. The first step is the strainer sitting under the fuel pump in the fuel tank.

After the fuel goes through the strainer, the pump sends the fuel to the fuel filter to pick up any more sediments or debris. You should replace your fuel filter every 30,000 miles to keep your Hyundai accelerating smoothly.

Remove the rear seat cushion. This will expose an access panel. Remove the access panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Locate the fuel pump modulator, which is the wiring harness just below the access panel, above the fuel tank. Reach through the access panel and disconnect the modulator. This will relieve the pressure in the fuel pump. Crank the Hyundai and let it run until it stalls. There will be no pressure in the fuel lines.

Open the hood to access the battery. Disconnect the negative end of the battery terminal. Reattach the fuel pump modulator.

Locate the fuel filter underneath the car by the fuel tank. Remove the inlet and outlet line of the filter. The lines should come off. Some models have quick-connections, which have a tab to lift while you pull the connector off.

Remove the bracket with a socket wrench. This will loosen the fuel filter.

Install the new filter in the old filter's place. Tighten the bracket with your socket wrench.

Install the inlet and outlet lines. They will slide over the tube and snap into place.

Reattach the negative cable to the battery. Crank up the car to inspect for fuel leaks. Assemble the access cover, and return the back seat to its right position.