How to Hide My Oil Tank

While a large oil tank mars the landscape of what otherwise may be a beautiful yard, this necessary feature provides fuel to heat a home's air and water. Converting to a totally new form of heat can be costly. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can hide an outdoor oil tank to minimise the appearance and improve the overall landscape of your yard.

Surround the oil tank with tall plants if the area gets adequate sun. Leave a space of several feet between the tank and the bushes. Bushes like juniper, holly, lilac or boxwood provide width and height when fully grown. Use evergreen bushes for full coverage at all times of the year.

Build a shed around the oil tank. Match the building materials for the shed to the building materials of the home for continuity. Include large doors capable of fitting the entire oil tank in case you need to replace it. Make the shed bigger than the tank for additional outdoor storage space, if needed.

Install a trellis fence and cover it with hanging vines such as cucumber or trumpet vine. Place a gate on one side to allow access for oil refilling or repair. Allow several years for the vines and plants to reach full growth and provide the best coverage.

Use prefabricated fence panels to construct a fence that goes around the entire oil tank. If the oil tank is against a building, make it a three-sided fence with two sides attached to the wall. Place a door in the fence for access.

Build a thick wall with concrete blocks or cement to both hide the oil tank and provide it with an element of protection. Landscape the area around the wall with flowers and plants for a decorative touch.

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