How to Light a Gas Oven

In gas ovens with a pilot ignition system, the pilot light is composed of a small gas flame located at the bottom of the oven. This pilot light should stay on all the time, extending when the oven thermostat is opened, or reducing in size when the oven thermostat is closed.

Every so often, however, this flame will go out and the pilot will need to be relit. The process for lighting an oven pilot light is not difficult, requiring only a little searching to find the pilot.

Find the oven's pilot light. The pilot light can be found by opening the grill bin located at the bottom of the oven and looking inside. The pilot will be a small, centrally located metal device hanging from the top of the grill bin.

Light the match or ignite the lighter and hold the match or lighter up to the pilot's centre hole.

Watch for a blue flame that lights in the pilot's centre hole.

Turn on the oven to make sure it lights.