How to install a power inverter in your motorhome

Nerthuz/iStock/Getty Images

A power inverter in an motor home changes DC to AC power. This makes it possible to run any type of power. Power inverters come in many sizes, so you have to figure out how big yours should be. Add up the amount of watts needed to operate the electrical equipment you plan to use, then buy the inverter at most RV dealers or supply shops.

Find the maximum length of cable between the inverter and the battery.

Find a location for the inverter. It should be easy to get to and have free-flowing air to prevent overheating.

Place it in the location you chose. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Wait five minutes before proceeding to allow all charges to dissipate.

Connect the ground wire if applicable.

Run the cables from the inverter to the battery, trying not to drill any holes. If you do, put a grommit in the hole so the cable doesn't run bare and short out. Crimp all the connectors.

Connect the cables to the inverter. You may want to add a fuse between the battery terminal and the positive cable. Reconnect the battery and test the inverter.

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