How to Remove the Door Panel on a Volkswagen Passat

You must remove the door panel on a Volkswagen Passat if you need to access any of the wiring behind the door, the window scissor lift, or the lock rod and door handle. The door panel is held in place on the Passat with retaining clips that you must pry off.

If you are not careful, however, you can damage the clips and make it very difficult to put the panel back on.

Remove the screws holding the window control module to the door panel.

Remove the armrest and inside door handle screws on the underside of the door handle.

Pull the window controls and the armrest off the door panel. Wedge the trim removal tool underneath the armrest, and pry the armrest off the door panel.

Wedge the tip of the trim removal tool under the top of the door panel and pry the panel off. Work your way around the outside edge, prying up on the retaining clips to remove them.