How to Obtain Nike Sponsorship

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Student-based organisations can become overwhelmed with the financial obligations of sports. From training and travel and equipment to competition fees, sports teams can quickly become too expensive for some students to participate.

National organisations such as Nike often choose to sponsor teams that need a little extra help. Nike will not give cash donations, but can fill equipment or gear needs, as well as event sponsorship.

How to obtain Nike sponsorship

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Navigate to the NikeBiz website and read the application questionnaire and directions. Carefully study the requirements because they are very specific. For example, Nike will not sponsor religious organisations, people seeking personal or education funding and political campaigns.

  • Navigate to the NikeBiz website and read the application questionnaire and directions.

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Navigate to the page specific to your region. If you are based in the United States, try to choose the region that best fits your location. If your team needs product donations, such as gear and equipment, choose "Yes" and continue the process online. If your team needs an event sponsorship, print out the application and mail it directly to Nike headquarters.

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Include information about your status as a non-profit organisation and facilities. You will be asked to submit information about your staff, a current 990 form and proof of IRS determination that you are a qualified charity. You will also need to include information about your intent for use of the gear or equipment and fair social practices within your organisation.

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Read the terms of certification and select "Yes" if you agree with them. Log in to the website and provide your invitation code. When you are logged in, you will be able to fill out the online portion of the application or request additional information as needed.

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Return the application to Nike with all required paperwork. You will need to wait for a response from Nike, which can take up to 90 days.