How to build a wood rabbit hutch

A rabbit hutch is a style of cage used to house outdoor rabbits. Indoor rabbits will benefit from a plain wire cage with a bottom tray for cleaning, but an outdoor rabbit will need a different style of cage. Wooden hutches are used to protect rabbits from the weather. Wire is used for ventilation.

Rabbit hutches can cost more than £65, but with some basic carpentry skills, a rabbit hutch can be made very cheaply.

Cut four 2x4s to 36 inches, and then cut eight more 2x4s to 16 inches.

Assemble two 36-inch pieces and two 16-inch pieces into a rectangle using a hand drill and wood screws. The 36-inch pieces will be the front and back, and the 16-inch pieces will be the side of the hutch.

Attach four 16-inch 2x4s vertically, one in corner of the rectangle using wood screws. The widest part of the 2x4 should be aligned with the 36-inch piece.

Use screws to fasten two 36-inch 2x4s and two 16-inch 2x4s to the top of the vertical posts from step 4. This will create a rectangle on top that is just like the one on the bottom.

Make two 16-inch plywood board squares and attach them to the sides of the hutch with wood screws every three inches. Cut two plywood pieces to 36x16 inches and attach one to the back and one to the top of the hutch the same way.

Cut an 18x16-inch plywood board and attach it to the left half of the front side of the hutch the same way as in step 6. The remaining half of the front side will be where the door is installed.

Cut the chicken wire to 36x16 inches and staple it to the bottom of the hutch. Add cross beams every nine inches to prevent the chicken wire from bowing and being uncomfortable for the rabbit(s).

Cut two 1x2s to 16 inches, and two to 18 inches. Create a rectangle using nails, and cut the chicken wire to the same size as the rectangle. Staple the chicken wire to the rectangle door.

Connect the door to the hutch with door hinges. The hinges can either be attached to the top of the hutch, so that the door will be pulled up to open or to the side of hutch so that the door can swing open.

Loosely screw a scrap piece of lumber a few inches long to the hutch frame outside the door to use as a door latch.

Use four 2x4s at 48 inches as legs. Attach one in each corner.