How to Get a Mercenary Job

The basic definition of a mercenary, also known as a defence contractor, is one who works for wages. In military terms, mercenaries are professional soldiers that are typically hired by a foreign government to clean up particular unrest that may be occurring in that country.

The job is highly demanding and can be considered dangerous. However, for those with a military background, mercenary work can be a rewarding position for those that like the excitement of combat and aiding in resolving conflicts.

Determine your credentials for being a mercenary. Typically those who were honourably discharged from the military, yet still would like to maintain military duties, will be prime candidates to get a mercenary job. Those who have a law enforcement background are also considered.

Determine what type of mercenary you would like to be. You can go into executive protection, which is like being a high-profile bodyguard for highly important people like executives, politicians and celebrities. You can also be a tactical medic. When soldiers go into dangerous territories, they need medical attention in the event they are hurt. You will be properly trained to protect yourself and provide medical treatment for those in combat. A disaster officer provides protection to certain equipment and personnel in the event of a disaster. For example, if there was a tsunami or earthquake, rioting and looting can occur. While soldiers are maintaining order, the area's health supplies, food, and weaponry need to be protected.

Maintain or start a consistent exercise program. Regardless of which type of mercenary you decide to be, you must always stay in good physical shape and also stay informed on defence methods, tactics and weapons. As technology advances, the military does as well, so stay in constant research of these changes. Also martial arts and combat training is extremely important for mercenary work.

Research private military corporations that are looking for soldiers. In many cases they are paid quite well. You can visit their websites to find out their criteria for hiring, as they can all differ. Some examples of private military companies are Aegis Defense services, ArmorGroup International, Blackwater Worldwide, DynCorp International, and KBR.

Finally, learn as many foreign languages as you can. Considering mercenaries are deployed to foreign countries, you will increase your chances of being hired for the position based on the number of languages you can speak. Research places where a lot of civil unrest has occurred over the years to get an idea of which languages would be useful to learn. You can either take courses at your local community college or online to quickly learn a language.