How to make teacup wine glasses

Teacup wine glasses are a feminine take on the classic wine glass. Perfect for country homes and shabby chic decor, tea cup glasses are made from china cups and have wine stems attached. They make lovely housewarming gifts, and can easily be crafted in an afternoon using inexpensive or used materials.

Purchase teacups individually or in sets. For a shabby chic look, buy a group of four or six cups in different styles but the same colour. For a more formal look, duplicate cups make a nice matching set.

Score the wine glass stem near the base of the cup part of the glass. Hold the stem firmly and gently tap the glass on the edge of a sink. The wine glass should separate from the stem.

Sand the top of the wine stem until you have a smooth and flat surface. Make sure that the surface of the stem is level and not angled toward any side.

Spread a thin layer of glass glue on the top of the stem where you have sanded. Place the teacup upside down on the table, with the bottom of the cup sticking up. Place the stem in the centre of the teacup bottom. Hold the stem in place until the glue begins to set.

Leave the cups in place overnight to ensure that the glue has set completely.