How to remove yellow stains from showers & tubs

Yellow stains can accumulate in a bathtub or shower on the walls and around the handles or drain. These stains may be from the water or may have built up over time from dirt and various shampoo or soap stains.

Depending on how long the stains have had to set in, they could wipe away or require harder scrubbing to remove. A few household products will clean up your shower or tub and keep the stains from returning.

Wipe down the tub and shower walls with a sponge and dish soap. Rinse with hot water and repeat. Wear rubber gloves while cleaning the tub.

Scrub drains and around hardware, such as faucet handles, with a stiff toothbrush and hydrogen peroxide. Use a baby wipe to polish and remove loose stains.

Use a scrub brush and a commercial cleaner, or a mixture of 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar and 1 cup water, to clean walls and between cracks. Add more vinegar for stubborn stains. Spray the mixture on and let it sit for two to three minutes before scrubbing.

Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the tub or shower. Rinse it away after allowing it to sit for 10 minutes. This prevents build-up and cleans the floor.

Wipe down the tub with soap--or with the water and vinegar mixture sprayed on a wash cloth or applied directly onto the tub and walls--once a month. This prevents build-up and keeps the tub stain free.