How to Reboot a Toshiba

Occasionally, a problem can occur with a computer that is severe enough to render it virtually inoperable until it is rebooted. If you are using a Toshiba notebook, there are several different methods by which you can restart your computer, including some that will work even when the operating system does not respond.

Restart your Toshiba to fix problems that cause Windows or other programs to behave improperly.

Click the "Start" button.

Click the right-facing arrow if you are running Windows Vista or 7, or click "Turn Off Computer" if you are running Windows XP.

Click "Restart" to reboot your computer. This is the standard method for rebooting all Windows-based computers, and will work the majority of the time, even when some programs are unresponsive.

Right click on the Windows desktop, and choose "New Shortcut."

Type "shutdown -s -t 00" without the quotation marks into the box labelled "Type the location of the item." Click "Next."

Name the shortcut "Quick Shutdown," and click "Finish."

Double click the shortcut at any time to shut your Toshiba down, then hit the power button to reboot it. Note that after the shortcut is double clicked, the process cannot be reversed.