How to build a football goal post

Building a football goal post can be a fun and creative way to bring your favourite sport into your backyard without spending tons of money. While the idea of building your own football goal post may sound impossibly difficult, it is actually much simpler than one might imagine if you follow proper instructions.

Mark two PVC pipes and cut them into two pieces: one 4-foot piece and one 6-foot piece. Mark and cut two more pieces, creating one 2-foot piece and one 8-foot piece.

Secure one 2-foot piece and one 8-foot piece together using the tee connector. The 2-foot piece should be placed in the front to secure the goal post. Repeat the same step to create the left side of the base.

Take two tee connectors and join both of the sides together with a 10-foot piece of PVC pipe to complete the base.

Connect one 4-foot piece with one 6-foot piece, using a tee connector, to serve as the left side of the upright. Repeat the same steps to create the right side of the upright.

Connect the two uprights with the remaining 10-foot piece of PVC pipe to make the crossbar. Connect the 10-foot piece with the uprights using two more tee connectors. Congratulations, you have created your very own football goal post!

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