How to divide a heuchera

Heuchera is better known as coral bell or alum root. It's a perennial plant with between 50 to 70 cultivars. Heuchera is grown as a ground cover in rock gardens and is perfect for hanging plants. The name coral bell comes from the tiny bell-shaped flowers that sprout on long stems from the plant in late spring.

This plant is easily divided, a process that's actually good for the plant every three to four years. It can also be propagated from cuttings or seed, but division is by far the easiest way to produce new plants quickly.

Dig up around the plant with a garden fork or spade. Take the plant totally out of the ground to get all of the roots.

Gently pull the younger rootstock off the mother plant; they come apart rather easily. You can also cut right through the centre where the crown splits if you only want two plants, or if you're dividing for the health of the plant. Trim off dead woody pieces.

Place the young plants in new locations that don't receive too much afternoon sun and that feature good drainage. Add compost to the soil when replanting to aid in drainage and nutrition. When dividing in half, replant both halves with some compost, even if it's in the same location.

Water the plants well to settle the soil and help establish the roots. Heucheras should receive at least one inch of water per week and a little extra when first planted or when the weather is particularly hot and dry.

Mulch around the new plants to protect the roots. The mulch will help retain moisture and keep the roots from getting too hot, as they are rather shallow.