How to Paint Doll Houses

A coat of paint is an excellent tool for decorating your doll house and bringing both the interior and exterior to life. Your choice of colours can set the palette for anything from a historical recreation to a whimsical fantasy.

Assemble your doll house loosely, using masking tape to hold the pieces together. This will help you to determine where each piece sits in the house and how they all go together. Mark the pieces with sticky notes to indicate what paint you want to use on each part of the house. Disassemble the house when you are finished. Disregard this step if your house is already completely assembled. It is possible to paint an assembled house, but it is more difficult.

Select paints for your doll house. The ideal paint is one with a vinyl silk finish. Acrylic-based paints do not work well on doll houses and tend to leave a streaked finish. Paint with a gloss finish is usually too shiny for the doll house's small scale. If you have a spare piece of wood that is the same material as your doll house, test your paint there or on the house's underside before using it throughout.

Prime the wood if your doll house is made from plywood. If not, a primer is not necessary but may be used at your discretion.

Apply the paint to the surfaces of your doll house using a small radiator roller. This will provide the most even finish. You will usually need at least two coats of paint. For a textured finish, you can experiment using different sized paintbrushes.

Keep the paint out of the grooves in the wood and the areas where the pieces will come together. Most doll houses fit together very snugly and a smudge of paint could disrupt your construction. Use a damp cloth to immediately wipe away any stray paint from these areas.

Allow the paint to dry completely before assembling the dollhouse.

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