How to Trap Otters Images

It is true that otters are entertaining at the zoo, especially when they are playing with a ball, or swimming upside-down. However, if you have a private pond, lake, or other form of aquatic life, chances are the otter is simply unwanted. Otters feed off the fish in an aquatic system, and will eventually destroy it.

Here are tips on how to trap and relocate otters according to state law.

Find a trap big enough to hold the otter. You can predict the otter's size by how many fish are missing from your aquatic habitat.

Place the trap at an "access point," one in which you know the otter will return to.

Add the salmon paste or specialised otter lure to the front of the trap in a tiny trail leading up to the centre of the trap.

Wait at least 2-4 hours, away from the habitat. The otter may sense something aloof in his domain if you stand there and watch.

Lift the cage containing the otter from the aquatic habitat only by its handle. The otter is now caught, and ready for you to relocate it from your home.