How to make palm leaves for Sunday school

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Making paper palm leaves is a simple, fun Sunday school craft that can be part of Palm Sunday and Easter celebrations and other activities. Using construction paper and a few other supplies, Sunday school teachers can help their pupils create these palm leaves with little mess or difficulty.

Cut out a large almond or oval shape from the construction paper. This will be the basic design of the palm leaf. Fold the leaf shape in half lengthwise and use a ruler to draw a line about 6 to 12 mm (1/4 to 1/2 inch) from the fold.

Using safety scissors, have the children cut the folded "leaf" as many times as they want (about 15 to 25 cuts for an A4 sheet of construction paper). Make sure they cut only up to the line drawn by the fold. Supervise younger children so they don't cut through the fold.

Unfold the leaf. Use a thin line of glue to secure the pipe cleaner down the centre as a stem, or tape it on. If you want a more rigid stem, glue or tape a wooden dowel to the back of the leaf.