How to remove rust from motorcycle brake discs

Rust is one of the worst four letter words in a motorcyclist's vocabulary. Although some riders may be fortunate enough to live and ride in an area that does not easily promote oxidisation, the reality is that rust can and will happen.

One of the first components on a motorcycle to show signs of oxidisation are the brake rotors. Most of the rust that forms on the rotors can be removed just by riding and braking normally. But to remove the rust that forms at the edges and other places the brake pads can't reach requires a little more effort.

Clean the brake calipers by spraying lightly with brake cleaner. Immediately wipe away the cleaner with a rag to remove dirt and oil build-up.

Clean the edges of the rotor by scouring lightly with Scotchbrite. Once the edge is clean, scrub the inner hub of the rotor with Scotchbrite. Work gently to avoid scratching the finish on the inner hub.

Prepare a solution of mild dish soap and water and apply to the rotor with a clean, soft rag. Thoroughly rinse the solution away using clean water or denatured alcohol, then dry with a separate clean rag.

Repeat the process to clean the other rotor.